Will Lyte -Steadicam / Omega AR2 Operator 

Will Lyte is a London and Manchester based Steadicam operator, working on a variety of productions ranging from Features, Dramas, Commercials, Music Videos and Documentaries.

Will has a strong reputation for being a personable and polite operator who respects those working with him.

Specialising in advanced Steadicam techniques, Will is a trained MK-V Omega AR Revolution system operator. This is revolutionary technology that allows the Operator to transition from a camera height inches from the ground to extreme high angles in one take. A technique not possobile with conventional Steadicam.

This Is achived with the mechanics and technology from MK-V Systems:

Will takes the upmost pride in his work, with dependable framing and composition Will is a reputable, reliable and capabale operator.
Exeprienced in operating a wide range of Camera Sytems, Will has operated high end, heavy camera builds such as 35mm to lighter set ups.

Please contact for rates and availability.

E: [email protected]    UK: 44 (0) 7305088211     US: 530 551 6447